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This is pretty much the blue print for how all of our next children’s super hero parties should be planned. Wonderful photography by Heather Bird Photography really tells the story of this party. While putting this post together I said..”what a cool party!” at least 4 times. If you love this party as much as I do please let us know it in the comment section! >  > THE INVITATIONS ~ I created the invitations myself, inspired by a Superhero Comic book with some modern pop-art elements.   I printed the invitations at home and we rolled the invitations and stuffed helium balloons.  We found the perfect polk-a-dot balloons which coordinated with the pop-art ish invites at Zurchers party store. Written on the balloon with a sharpie was a starburst graphic with the word “POP.” Tied to the bottom of the balloon streamer was a straight pin taped to a tiny box of Superhero candy found at Dollar Tree.   My son had a blast had delivering his invitations and his guests thought it was so great to pop the balloon to get to the invitation. > > PHOTO BACKDROP ~ We also painted a very large cityscape.   The buildings were painted to match the party colors (red, yellow, blue, black).  This would serve as a decoration, as a game, and as a photo backdrop for pictures during the party. >  > DECORATIONS ~ The party decorations included the Imaginext DC Super Friends Bat Cave from  Fisher Price that we already owned. > > THE DECORATIONS ~ Additional decorations were red, yellow and blue balloons.    Table decorations consisted of blue and yellow tablecloths, red plates and polkadot napkins.   Melissa and Doug cardboard blocks on Amazon were used as table decorations and cake/treat stands.

> > THE CAKE ~ The cake was made my myself using Wilton Fondant Primary Color pack. > > THE PROPS ~ A large barbell was made with a broomstick and styrofoam balls at Michaels which was used as a photography prop also.  The boys loved being as strong as real superheros. >  > THE MENU ~ The food consisted of color coordinated M&Ms, Mike and Ike Candies, Popcorn in cups with labels that said “POP” just like the balloons and Red and Blue mini bottles of gatorade with labels that matched the invitations.

> > ICE CREAM ~ Making Ice Cream in an Ice Cream Ball.   “The evil villain, Ice Colossus has stolen every bit of ice cream.  But his plan may backfire.   Super Ricky knows a secret potion to make ice cream using Colossus’ ice.   Calling all Superheros to help make new ice cream and keep the magic ball from Colossus.”> > ACTIVITIES ~ The games consisted of Villains attacking the Superheros.   All stories that accompanied the games were written by me. > > ACTIVITIES ~ And Pinning Batman back on the Building.   “The Joker has shot Batman causing him to fall from a tall building, leaving his shadow behind.    Help Batman get back to the tall building where he can defeat Joker once and for all and return to his shadow.”     I drew an outline of a batman shadow on a building and printed a batman printable clipart image for each boy. > >  THE PINATA ~ A Spiderman Pinanta from Zurchers.com “The evil villain, Venom, disguised as Spiderman has stolen all of the candy for Ricky’s 6th Birthday Party.   Calling all Superheros to beat that candy out of him!” > > THE GIFTS ~ Each boy received the following: Personalized Superhero Tshirt – made with printable iron-on logos | Personalized Superhero Cape – made by myself from sheets and felt. | Superhero mask – made from felt | A gift bag with a Superhero Puzzle, Superhero pop-rock candy, Superhero Taffy (all from the Dollar Tree) and a Batman and Joker Action Figure (from McDonalds Happy Meal toys.  I was able to purchase the toys separate from the Happy Meal).



~ PHOTOGRAPHY ~ Heather Bird Photography

~ EVENT PRODUCER ~ Heather Bird Photography

~ CANDY BOX ~ Dollar Tree


~ BALLOONS ~ Zurchers






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