Ugly Sweater Party Ideas

An “Ugly Sweater Party” is an informal holiday party where guests adorn their favorite piece of winter attire that should have never been created! Flashy, Tacky, or trashy, the uglier the better.

This is a great party for friends and/or family to laugh about each others clothing and enjoy it! This theme can be for all ages and should be held during Christmas or Winter time.


Ugly Sweater Party Vendors to Consider

10 Recommended Ugly Sweater Party Vendors

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Bartender, Candy Buffet, Dessert Catering, DJ, Karaoke, Lingerie, Photo booth, Photographer, Costume Character, String Band


Ugly Sweater Party Locations

“Where should I have my ugly Sweater Party?”

  • Best at home with a home cooked feast!
  • Restaurants that make ham or turkey


Ugly Sweater Party Ideas How to Video


Ugly Sweater Party Warnings

“What could go wrong at my ugly sweater party?”

  • Well you don’t have to worry about messing up that sweater.
  • Don’t run out of Booze – Funny ugly will become disturbing. lol
  • Have an extra ugly sweater for the guest who arrives out of uniform
  • Make sure it’s cold enough to wear a sweater


Real Ugly Sweater Party

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Ugly Sweater Party Decorations

Top Ten Ugly Sweater Party Decorations

  • Anything having to do with Christmas or winter time!
  • Fire pit or fire place with a hot fire
  • Christmas trees and lights
  • Snowflakes
  • Gingerbread Houses!
  • Santa Hats
  • Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
  • Loop Christmas movies on the TV on Mute
  • Designate a stage area with lights and garland
  • Even Hanukkah decorations are okay!


Ugly Sweater Party Gifts

Top Ugly Sweater Party Gifts

  • Santa Hats – get in the holiday spirit.
  • Disposable camera – so they can take picture of everyone’s sweaters.
  • Food Baskets- with cheese, crackers, meats, etc..
  • Ugly Christmas Clothes – Socks, Scarfs, Pajama Pants


Ugly Sweater Party Food and Drinks

Top ten Ugly Sweater party foods and drinks

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Ugly TurkeyGingerbread cookies, Fluffy Hot Chocolate, Baked Ham, Apple Ugly Cake, Ugly Cocktail, Ugly Dip, Trail Mix, Santa Julia Wine, Hot Apple Cider


Ugly Sweater Party Music

Ugly Sweater Music


Ugly Sweater Party Games and Activities

Top ten Ugly Sweater party foods and drinks

  • Gift Swap
  • Prize giving for the ugliest sweater


Ugly Sweater Party Attire

What to wear to an ugly sweater party

  • Wear a hideous sweater (doesn’t have to be a Christmas sweater)
  • Pajama Pants
  • House Shoes
  • Santa Hats
  • Beanie Caps
  • Scarfs
  • Khaki pants/skirts
  • Boots
  • Whatever you would like as long as you wear and ugly sweater


Ugly Sweater Party Hosts

How to Host an ugly sweater party

  • Keep in mind this is a great party that your family would love!
  • Have a cry room for babies that attend
  • If you have a feast (which you should) ask guest to bring foods as well. this makes it easier on you!
  • Remember some pets can be dressed in ugly sweaters as well


Ugly Sweater Party Guests

What do I do for an ugly sweater party?

  • Don’t come empty handed ~ Duh
  • Bring some holiday wine
  • Sing some karaoke
  • Mingle
  • Go to your local Thrift store to find a killer sweater!


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