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This is the most amazing monkey themed baby shower ever! Three generations of mommies and mommies-to-be work on the special event. It’s loaded with fun ideas and inspirations. Congratulations to Jamie and thanks for sharing your wonderful occasion with all of us. Scroll down and start monkeying around!

>  > THE OCCASION ~ We had our monkey themed baby shower at the soon to be Auntie’s home, which just happened to be in the country. Just to make sure everyone found the place, we posted monkey themed signs all the way to the house.
> > THE INVITATIONS  ~ We created the perfect invitations with the help of CarolAnn McDanel at Bugaboodesigns which we found on eBay. She was very helpful and helped us match the colors to the shower theme. She also created the custom candy wrappers and thank you cards mentioned in the shower favors below. The guests were very complimentary on them.
> > THE CORSAGES ~ The Mommy-to-be, Auntie-to-be, Granny-to-be and Great-granny-to-be all wore precious monkey corsages. They were created by Annie with myongsflowers which we found on eBay. She did a fantastic job for us and had speedy service.
> > THE FLOWERS ~ We had flower arrangements created by Kay’s bokays throughout the home. They were gorgeous and added so much to the atmosphere.There were also baby powder scented candles set out which created a pleasant aroma for guests. In the bathroom, which was also decorated to match the theme, we had a monkey towel set and a monkey soap dispenser set out. On one of the end tables, we had a Papagayo monkey lamp as decoration, which was a gift for the Mommy-to-be as well as the other decorations mentioned above!
> > THE CENTERPIECE ~ The home was decorated throughout with Monkeys of course. Our center piece was a fun cheery Papagayo Monkey on a Four-Wheeler, pulling a wagon with another smaller monkey in it. It was created by the Granny-to-be to match the theme of the shower. It was made out of diapers, a basket, receiving blankets, wash clothes, and more – all for baby to use!
>  >THE SIGNAGE ~ We had two large banners made with the baby’s name on it. Caroline from  APookandAPeep created one with monkeys in the pink and green colors to match the baby’s nursery. It looks so cute in the nursery! Tina from Mypaperpantry also created one that matched the theme of the shower perfectly. It was made with pink and green onesies and a monkey in between the baby’s name.
> > THE GIANT MONKEY ~ We also had a giant monkey guarding the party favors.
> > THE ACTIVITIES ~ We began the shower with having the guests help in starting the first game. This was a great beginning to a fun evening. It allowed our guests social time as they helped each other create their special bracelets. We created our own version of a game we have seen at several showers previously. The guests strung beads on a ribbon and created wrists bracelets.  On each bracelet they attached one hair bow.  After they had the bow on their wrists, if they were “caught” saying the word BABY, the person that caught them got to take their bow. Of course, the one that lost the bow still had a chance to get one back by catching someone else saying the word. At the end of the evening, she who had the most bows won! The guests kept their bracelets as party favors and the cute little baby bows all went to the Mommy-to-be!!!  We found the bows through SugarSweetBows on Laura was very helpful and made a custom order for us.
> > THE BARREL O’ MONKEYS ~ We also created another game to match the theme of the party. We hung pink and green “barrel of monkeys” on a tree. We found the special color of monkeys at Officeplayground . They were very prompt with their delivery. We had the guests select a monkey before they sat down. After most of the monkeys had been chosen, we had the guests check their monkey’s feet. One green and one pink monkey had been marked on their feet with a black marker. The two guests that had the monkey with the lucky feet, each won a shower prize!
> > THE GAMES ~ After the guests had settled in to their seats, we handed each a Dancing Monkey pencil from Reallygoodstuff and a Bingo Card which we created on Customshowerbingo . We used the cards for the last three games, which were a guessing game, a memory game and of course, a Bingo game.
>  >THE GUESSING GAME ~ We redesigned to match the theme of the shower and also the Mommy-to-Be would receive a gift of a Clothes hamper and diapers. We filled the Clothes Hamper, which matched the baby’s nursery theme, with diapers. We asked the guests to guess how many diapers were in the hamper and the closet one was the winner. Our hamper, which we purchased through Babysupermall, just happened to have 347 diapers in it!!!
> > THE MEMORY GAME ~ Next, we played a memory game. We created our own version by placing 25 items on a baby monkey pallet. There were items like a pacifier, booties, diaper pins, rattle, baby powder, and more.  All for the baby of course! After parading the display around the room and allowing each guest a good look, we hid the display and the guests had to write down how many items they could remember. She with the most items won a shower prize!
> > THE MENU ~ We had a short break so our guests could browse the buffet and mingle. We had sandwich, fruit and veggie trays all prepared by our local HEB deli. They were awesome. The guests used an assortment of pink, green and Mod Pod monkey plates and napkins we found on We also had some very adorable monkey cups that the Auntie-to-be created. We found an example on Martha Stewarts site. The guests loved them.
> > THE SWEETS ~ We also had a selection of green and pink candy for our guests to enjoy and take home. We purchased specialized M&Ms from the online M&M store. They had the baby’s name on some of them and a monkey picture on some of the others.  The other candies, Malt Balls, Sixlets, Jordan Almonds and Candy Sticks we ordered from OhNuts!. They were all YUMMY! We served our soft drinks and water from a palm tree cooler we purchased at PartyCity. It worked great and the guests had easy access to the drinks. We also served a pink sherbet punch which we found the recipe for on and a great adult beverage, winearitas.  Our pink and green adult beverages were served from our Nostalgia slush makers which made very tasty winearitas!
> > THE GIFT TABLE ~ As we all returned to our seat, it was time for the Mommy-to-be to start opening her beautiful gifts. This is when we used the Bingo cards. The Bingo cards are created from a customized list of gifts which we created on the site.  As the Mommy-to-be opened the gifts the guests circled each item they had on their card. The first guest to have a Bingo won a shower a gift. We played on to allow more guests to win. This is a fun way to include the guests in the unwrapping of each gift!
> > THE FAVOR BAGS ~ The showers gifts the guest won for the games included a Walmart  gift card, a monkey sticker, a custom wrapped piece of candy and a monkey pedicure set all in a hot pink and clear make up bag.  Our favor bags for all of the guest included a manicure set, a miniature barrel of monkeys, a pink cell phone compact mirror, beach monkey bananas, chocolates (one with the custom wrap), a laced key chain created by the Mommy-to-be and a customized thank you card all in a blue jean tote bag.

THE CAKE ~  After three guests had won and the Mommy-to-be had finished opening her gifts, it was time for cake! We had a delicious baby monkey themed cake baked by one of our dearest friends, Kay Stinson. She has been in business for many years and we have always enjoyed her cakes.
 > > THE WRAP UP~ The guests, Mommy-to-be and hostesses all enjoyed the evening tremendously. Even the monkeys had smiles on their faces!! J



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  1. Sabrina

    Looks like a great party and a fun theme!  I especially liked the banner done by A Pook and a Peep!

  2. Deanna Blackwell

    We had such a wonderful time! I would like to thank all of friends and family which helped contribute to make it such a special shower!!!

  3. Apookandapeep

    What an adorable shower! Everything came together so nicely and a beautiful celebration to welcome Aubrey DeeAnn! Thanks again,

    A Pook and a Peep

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