Chocolate Glasses by Bar Candy

Bar Candy glasses are made from the highest quality Belgium chocolate. The proprietary large chocolate cone is specifically molded to fit perfectly into the elegant glass stem, creating a durable, heavy, mess free edible glass. A perfect base when it comes to matching color, theme, flavor, etc. The glass holds any beverage for hours on end without melting. Whether you choose to use Bar Candy for champagne (most popular), or use them for specialty cocktails, Bar Candy will prove to be a hit at your event.

Bar Candy is a luxury item and is geared towards high-end events and weddings. They can also be used for gift baskets. Perfect for mitzvahs (all cocktails can be made non alcoholic). Kosher is also available.

Our cocktail menu is vast and one of a kind, invented by award winning mixologists.

Recipes are free of charge. If you choose to garnish the glasses for an extra “wow effect,” the ideas are endless. Strawberries for champagne, flaming marshmallows for the S’mores-tini, biscotti cookies for the biscotti-tini, a rock sugar swizzle stick, etc., to name a few. You can also opt to rim the chocolate glasses in edible glitter, gold, colored sugar, cookie crumbs, nuts, etc.


There are many fun and innovative ways to set up the Bar Candy, depending on the event.


We have found that a champagne station is especially appealing. When the glasses, filled with champagne, are lined up side by side, they create a stunning visual effect, and the guests can come and help themselves. They can also be tray passed or set on tables to enhance the table setting.


The dessert cocktail recipes on my website are very bartender friendly. Simple ingredients eliminate the challenges arising from complicated menus and allow bartenders to easily duplicate these concoctions in a timely fashion.

Glasses can be pre rimmed and pre garnished. Cocktails can also be pre batched for big events.


The chocolate glasses can also be used for desserts such as mousses, berries, ice cream, etc. They are extremely durable. Often time’s clients prefer to eliminate a common dessert to include this option.

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